Valentine’s Mini Shoot & Bloopers

As the mother of three, I have learned that getting a “frame worthy” pic of my littles can be quite the trick. I’ve also learned that for every one GOOD photo we capture, there will be about 200 to scrap. Someone is usually blinking or whining or fighting or coughing or moving or crying or drooling or laughing or pushing or bored or “CHEESE-ing” too hard or…you name it – and it’s probably been a part of our photo sessions. But…it’s teaching me patience, that’s for sure!

I’ve come to absolutely love the candid shots, and as I was going through the Valentine’s photos I snapped of the kids, the “blooper” shots had me giggling. I just had to share a few of our outtakes. So here you are – the best, the worst, and the bloopers…

Happy Valentine’s Day!! <3

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