Easton @ Eight Months

Today officially marks Easton’s 8th month of life. It was an exciting last month with him officially sitting up on his own and learning to scoot – he hasn’t quite mastered the crawl. I know that him becoming more mobile means more work for me and babyproofing, but I really love this stage.

I love that he can entertain himself a little longer and can scoot around to watch his siblings play. I can’t wait for the day he can run and keep up with them. Although they smother him with their love on a daily basis, he is their biggest fan and he loves the attention. He also just started giving “kisses,” and this mama will take as many as he is willing to give. 🙂

The past month also held his first ER visit for a respiratory infection. Although it gave us a little scare, we were thankful it wasn’t anything more serious.

Each day he is getting more and more fun. I love his sweet baby giggles when we tickle under his neck and those big, gummy smiles first thing in the morning. I love the way his chubby little legs kick as fast as they can in the bath tub and how is eyes light up when he sees daddy come home after a long day of work.

The past month held several new and exciting “firsts,” and part of me just wants time to slow down – babyhood goes by far too fast.  He’s growing rapidly and changing a little every day. Even though it is bittersweet, I absolutely love watching him grow, and I cannot wait to see what the next month has in store for this busy little boy.

I love you so much, little buddy! Cheers to 8 months, and here’s to another exciting new month full of many new firsts! XOXO

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