Easter Basket Finds 2018

One of my favorite things to do every year is to put together an Easter Basket for each one of my kiddos. I’m a planner at heart, so I love getting ideas and finding unique things that I know they will love. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite Easter basket finds for this year and where you can find them too!


My five year old son, Jake, is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS building or constructing something. He loves to work with his hands and is always busy creating. Someone recommended “Iggy Peck, Architect” so I checked it out on Amazon and fell in love. The story of Iggy Peck using his creative mind to construct things from a young age reminded me EXACTLY of Jake. For his Easter basket, I went with the “builder’s dream” theme. As I said, the book and “Big Project Book” pictured here are both from Amazon, and you can find them HERE. The #demoday hammer and metal DO GOOD WORK sign are both from Magnolia Market (along with the contractor pencils). You can find the sign HERE and the hammer HERE. The Contractor stencil is from daddy’s desk (shhhhh….). I think this builder’s inspiration kit will be perfect for my little contractor in training. 🙂


Awhile back on Instagram, I shared a post on my daughter Taylor and a shirt she was wearing that USED to be a dress she wore often. She has been wearing the said shirt/dress for almost three years now, and I often wonder what we will be able to turn it into next. So when I came across the book “I Had A Favorite Dress,” I knew it would be perfect for Tay’s basket this year. The story of a little girl having a favorite dress and it eventually becoming a scarf (…and everything in between) seemed oddly familiar. This was another Amazon find (Amazon has some awesome books, FYI!) and you can find it HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with Maileg, you ought to be! I am new to the whole Maileg line, but I learned of “little sister” mouse through a group on Facebook that I am in. There are many characters in the Maileg line, and lots of accessories to go with them! I ordered “little sister” mouse from boutiquelittle.com, and can find yours HERE. The tiny little ballet dress is from the same site, along with MANY other fun accessories! If you’ve got a little girl who loves dolls and pretend play, I highly recommend Maileg!

I finished off Taylor’s basket with Skye the Mermaid from Cuddle + Kind (pictured above). Each Cuddle + Kind doll is handcrafted by incredible artisans in Peru, and the purchase of each doll provides 10 meals to children in need. Tay has been eyeing up this mermaid for quite awhile, so I thought this was the perfect occasion to gift her Skye. Find Skye HERE.

For the baby brother…

This is Easton’s first Easter. I wanted to find a few special and unique things for him that we can save for him as he grows up, and hopefully he can pass these things onto his own children some day. I’m probably overly sentimental, but I save a lot of my kid’s special toys and/or outfits in hopes that maybe they will be in the hands of my grandchildren one day. One thing I like to do when I gift them a special book, is to write a short message on the inside to them and date it (YES – I know this probably devalues the book, but to me it’s worth it). I know I won’t save EVERY single book we ever own – but I want to save the ones from special occasions for sure. “Cat & Bunny” was, of course, another Amazon find, and you can find it HERE.

Next, I picked up Wyatt the Fox from Cuddle + Kind. Being from Minnesota, this “lumberjack” fox was the perfect find for my little man. I’m pretty sure Easton has the same exact outfit as Wyatt, and you will probably see it sooner than later. 😉 Grab your Wyatt the Fox doll HERE.

I have recently become obsessed with Bannor Toys, so I was super excited to grab this adorable wooden camera for his Easter basket this year (find it HERE). The cactus teether is from the Itzy Ritzy line at Target, and when you have a teething baby – any and all teethers are welcome in this household.

I’ve got a few finishing touches to add to their baskets (like maybe a few treats!), but I just wanted to share with you these fun items I found for them this year!

I hope you, my friend, have a wonderful and blessed Easter with family and friends celebrating the true meaning of Easter, our risen King! May we not forget the blood shed on the cross that day and God’s great love for us. We love to celebrate and take part in the Easter festivities, but we also take time to remember what this day is really all about. I hope and pray the same is true for you. 🙂 Enjoy your holiday! Happy Easter! <3


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