More Than Tea

SOMETIMES…I’m a creature of habit – sometimes. Ok ok, MOST of the time.

I like what’s familiar, and I stick to what I know.

Typically, I’ll usually order the same meal when we go out to eat or choose the same flavor at the local ice cream shop. I like my coffee a certain way, so don’t you dare try to change it. I have the same bedtime routine, and I usually shop at places I’m already familiar with. I park in the same spot at the grocery store, and I sit in the same chair for dinner.

I’m comfortable with what I know, and what I know is what I’m comfortable with. I mean, why fix something that isn’t broken, right?!

Recently, I took a chance(so unlike me, I know!), and stepped out of my box. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. I discovered Total Tea. I’d been drinking the same old tea for quite awhile. It tasted fine, and I wasn’t looking for a change. But I’m here to tell you – I need to try new things more often!

I got the variety pack with every flavor, and I haven’t tried one that I don’t like! I will admit, I’m partial to fruity flavors – so the Citrus is probably my favorite. Honestly though, I love them all (organic chamomile, organic white, organic peppermint, organic green, citrus, and a cinnamon flavor!). They are light, yet bursting with flavor – I’m a little obsessed if you can’t tell.

More than just a tea

Bonus – each packet has different added benefits such as: calm & relaxing, soothe & refresh, rich in antioxidants, natural energy aid, and a pure cleanse. The tea improves digestion and increases energy. I’m loving these bonus benefits and noticing such a difference in how I feel throughout the day! I love sipping the cinnamon flavored “natural energy aid” right away in the morning and finishing my day off with the peppermint flavored “soothe & refresh.” Total Tea even offers a gentle and healthy detox.

If you are a lover of tea, I highly recommend checking out Total Tea – EVEN IF you are a creature of habit like me and stick to what you know. I know you will love it and enjoy the flavors just as much as I have. Who knows – you may even stumble across a new love, just like I did with Total Tea!


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