Happy Camper #6

This year, our August has been bananas. For real though. With two weddings and a class reunion occupying our weekends, we celebrated Jake’s 6th birthday a couple of weeks early.

After much deliberation, Jake decided he wanted a camping party (despite the fact he’s never been camping!), so we went with a “Happy Camper” theme. I, honestly, was thrilled with his choice. As a collector (ok, hoarder) of old thermoses, I knew I’d have a good starting point for more of a vintage camping theme. My mother, bless her heart, had a stockpile of old lanterns. I borrowed all of those from her + a few other “outdoorsy” pieces. I did find a few things on Etsy and Amazon to round out the party decor, but I was thrilled that overall – we already had most of the “camping” decor we would need.

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking – but please let me know if you have any questions on any of the details!

TIP:  I used to have balloons blown up at the local grocery store or floral shop. This year, I realized how much easier it is to buy a helium tank and fill the balloons at home! Bonus: I don’t have to transport them and risk popping a balloon or two, and I can inflate up to 30 balloons with a $20 helium tank!

The teddy grahams + marshmallows + chocolate chips

“smores” mix (pictured above) was a hit!

Jake spotted this mug at a local boutique recently, and he HAD to have it because it would go with his party theme “just perfectly!” 🙂

I found these adorable camping themed pins on Etsy. They were the perfect little addition to the party favor bags!

I’ve never met a kid who loves his birthday more than Jake. He literally wants to start planning next year’s birthday party the day AFTER his birthday. I always have to remind him that we’ve got to get through a few more family birthdays before we can officially start thinking about next year. 😉

With that being said, I hope you have the best and most memorable 6th birthday today Jakers! You’re my oldest baby and my biggest helper. I love your sweet hugs and kisses, and I know God has big plans for you. You have a such a precious, tender heart, and I hope you will always dance. Keep shining your light and never forget how loved you are.

To all the stars and planets and back. XOXO

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