The Boy’s Room: Jake & Easton

A year ago we found out that baby number three was another sweet little man. We had one of each gender already, so this was the tie breaker. Our oldest son, Jake, was really hoping for a brother – mostly because that meant one day he could get BUNK BEDS. Big dreams, I know. But a kid’s gotta dream, right?? So when we got the news right around 20 weeks that we were expecting a baby boy, Jake was over the moon and could not wait to meet his little brother. We were all ecstatic to find out, but I knew there were a lot of projects that I wanted to accomplish before he made his grand entrance.

Our daughter Taylor’s room was a little bigger, making it a better space for the boys to share. So that’s where we started – flip flopping the kid’s rooms. I had BIG dreams and ideas, and can I just say how much my hubby loves all of the time I spend on Pinterest?! 😉 Kidding, for sure. But I really do love planning things out, getting ideas, and decorating. While my husband was busy painting and installing ship lap (yes, I’m a shiplapaholic thanks to Chip and Jo), I was impatiently keeping myself busy (most likely ‘pinning’ away) until it was my turn.

In Jake’s old room, he had a cars/traffic theme centered around the colors in his duvet cover from Pottery Barn. I carried over this theme to the new room and added a touch of vintage childhood pieces. It has beeen a fun theme to work with, and I love adding pieces here and there when I find them at local antique or repurposing shops. Hobby Lobby is also a major go-to when I’m on the search (this is where I found his night stand with the locker style drawers and the letters for their names).

There are still some things that I’d like to accomplish in the boy’s room, including better closet storage – fitting clothes and necessities for two boys in one small closet and keeping it organized has been a trick. For the most part though, the room is finished. I was skeptical when my husband, who’s a contractor, wanted to do vertical ship lap, but I’m in love with how it turned out. Something about this room just makes me happy…maybe it’s the vibrant colors of childhood…or MAYBE it’s the two sweet little boys who will make many memories sharing their life here together.