Explore Sawyer

When I think about my childhood, I love to remember the endless summer days. I spent nearly all of my time outside: running, playing, exploring, imagining, dreaming, and swimming. At the end of the day my hair was full of sand, my feet were dirty, my skin was sun kissed, and I sure slept well. I am fortunate – I was blessed with a very happy childhood. I treasure the many unforgettable memories that I made running barefoot every day. I miss those days when I didn’t have a care in the world and time didn’t seem to matter.

Now, as a mama – I absolutely love watching my own babies relive those sweet memories that I often long for. They spend almost all day outside, and they sure are filthy when they come in at night. But I love it. It is my hope and prayer that one day they will look back and treasure these precious days of childhood – just as I do.

Sawyer is a children’s brand of clothing named after the one and only Tom Sawyer – a perfect picture of adventure and a “quintessential youth explorer.” I love that I can clothe my kiddos with a brand that encourages kids to grow and learn through play and exploration of the world around them. They emphasize the importance of connecting with nature and realize that “valuable life skills are gained by learning to pick oneself up and try again.”

The nostalgia of childhood all comes rushing back when I see the awe and wonder in my children’s eyes as they explore the wild. I’m so grateful that I can witness these priceless moments of exploration and discovery. For in these moments, I know they are making sweet memories that will last a lifetime.